Starlight Child

Star Light child, You are Heaven sent you have spent most of your life wondering where heaven went you searched the earth the depths of your mind until you found it was in your heart right here inside, Through every day you live your light has shined here on this earth in this darkened time […]

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For the Light!

Meditate, Elevate Expand your mind For heaven’s sake Feel the weight Of the world But don’t Let emotions Break Your own heart The most sacred of space Keep your head up And eyes focused on the light The dawn of a new day Let life Find a new way To express a new space Birthed […]

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Reclaim your Self!

I went through an experience a couple of years ago, it was an ongoing series of experiences that lasted half a year, and would then pop up again occasionally in the months following, I haven’t had the experience in a while, it is few and far between and that is good, that is progress. See, […]

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To a Dear Friend;

I yearn for the days we’d sworn we’d sail to. On battered ships with breaking hearts we’d travel so far away we’d always be headed home. Those days when our voices had dismantled and deepened but our minds were fresh and shallow and we believed we were free. As saplings in the boxed in, bordered-up […]

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The Realm outside Realms

I have felt the Void and now I step between drift among nameless faces upon endless seas, I miss the waves and ignore the places, these memories forming on the surface, sink into the depths looking for a purpose. I have been here before a quest of endless searches, for meaning in a dream, strength […]

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“Play me like a violin Run your bow against my strings and let the friction between us ignite the song in our souls.”

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Step into the fire of Adversity

Challenges are aplenty in life. Obstacles, detours and problems abound. We often feel we want the most peaceful route in life, the simple and easy path home, we want joy and ease to flower in each footstep, the clouds to part and the sun to shine as we walk a straight and narrow path directly […]

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