Starlight Child

Star Light child,
You are Heaven sent
you have spent most of your life
wondering where heaven went
you searched the earth
the depths of your mind
until you found
it was in your heart
right here inside,

Through every day you live
your light has shined
here on this earth
in this darkened time
To accelerate the evolution
Of all the timelines of mankind.

You have absorbed into yourself
all the tendencies
Born here In this world
that you mistook for hell
Collected the work
of generations
that they could never dispel,

So deep into your body you buried
all the shame, the guilt and the worries,
you held it there
in your ever gentle embrace
you loved it so much so,
you believed it was yours in the first place

and in side of you
in your heart born of truth,
Starlight child
you gave this old energy space
And it grew,
wild and laughing
dancing again in heaven’s ecstatic Grace,
Do you know,
you have been so brave!
in the face of darkened light
you never lost faith,
that deep inside of all of this
Was a place,
filled to the brim
with childish delight,
this place was you my love,
this place was your light!

Oh, Star child you remember now,
how this is your home,
you have the light of the heaven’s inside of you
but this Earth is where you long to roam,
with gentle feet
softly kissing the face beneath,
the Mother of Mercy,
the birth of your dreams,
You longed to be where she is,
In her path you believed,
you saw her and loved her instantly,
you came here to help her set herself free,

Star Light child
You are perfect majesty,
In all of your cells
the will of heaven you embody
Shining speckles of divinity
across the face of a failing world
you are lifting into eternity,

there is perfection in the process
and the rhythm is steady,

Sit for a while Star Light Child
and see,
your path is already unfolding
it is under your feet,
This is your home,
your world,

You burn with the will of Heaven
Dwelling in this Earthly body,

So light it up
lead the way with impossible dreams
energise the world with limitless belief,
you are fierce,
you are free,
You don’t need to strive,
just be.

Oh, Star Light Child
my love flows to you endlessly,
for all you do,

in your light
from your dark,
in your joy
from your misery
you transmute the world around you
you elevate the energy,

In the cloak of darkened light
you shine
Ever so brightly,
and lighten the load
for all of humanity,

You’re already ahead dear one,
Rest and be at peace,
do what you want to do,
express what you believe,
do not look to the world around you
for security,
those here are cloaked in the Infinite Night,
and you,

just by being here,
will unveil them all,

Oh, Child of Starlight.


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